Initially the Polyethylene materials ( HDPE ) and other additive such as Anti_UV and pigments  turns into films or nylon rolls during a process in extruder machine ( Which we first imported from Italy ).

These rolls then turn into warp and woof under specific heat and stretch in separated process. In textile machines, which is  Germany's Karl Mayer , nets are produced out of these plastic threads which have various usages . This industry has more efficiency than extruded ones which is easier and cheaper and also less efficient

About Company

Exirsaz Shomal company established in 2002 and started its activity as a professional manufacturer of Rachel plastic bags in Babol, Iran. In 2014, Polymer Baft Babol company has been established next to Exirsaz Shomal company to develop and expand this emerging industry in the country. Now, these two companies are working together with expert production and commercial team. Not only we cover the domestic demands but also we directly and indirectly export to neighboring countries, CIS, Europe and North America with the backing of two decades management experience. The production started by single packaging bag and it continued quality and quantity wise improvement by adding a wide range of new products such as shade net, fence net, safety net, harvesting net, wind breaker net, anti-hail net and anti-bird net

Contact us

 Factory : 1st Boustan, east Bandpey industrial city (Raje), Shahid Salehi Road, Babol, Iran


 Sales office : 26Th Hosseini, Seyed Zakaria St, Babol, Iran


 14-Tell : +98 11-32292611


 Fax : +98 11-32290845

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