Anti-bird Net

Birds cause a lot of damage to the fruit of trees, farms and gardens every year. The best way to prevent bird damage is the use  of anti-bird nets.


Features and application of bird invasion protective net  

  • Preventing damage to a variety of trees in gardens such as figs, cherries, grapes, persimmons, etc. from the bird invasioin.
  • Lightweight of anti-bird net when installed on a tree
  • Getting proper light to the tree in addition to maintaining the net efficiency in preventing the birds from pecking the fruit on the tree.


Length: 50 m
Width: m 3.7 , 7.5
Color: green

آسیب پرندگانتوری ضد پرندهتوری محافظ درختتوری مونوفیلامنتمحافظت از پرندگان

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